Student Testimonials

John Dixon

“As a senior in ECU’s CS program I feel I have attained a strong foundation in Computer Science which has equipped me with the skills to learn any emerging technologies. My professors have been generous with their time, supporting me in my classwork as well as extracurricular opportunities. My classes have been a mixture of young first-time students and older students returning to education, which created an engaging atmosphere. I have enjoyed my time in the CS department and I feel I’ve gotten a lot out of the experience.”

Seth Butler

“I chose ECU’s computer science department because of its smaller class sizes and the fact that I am more than just a number. The professors actually know me by name.

I believe the willingness of the professors to help us, not only in the areas pertinent to their class but also our endeavors outside of the classroom, makes the department unique.

The quality I like most about the department is how fundamentally they have prepared me for my next step in life, regardless of whether I choose employment or graduate studies.”

Chauncey R. Perry

“The Software Engineering program of East Carolina University is outstanding in such a way that it has prepared me for my current position as a Programmer Analyst with GEICO. The contents of each course and their assignments given during the program directly correlated to daily duties today. The software testing courses are an extreme benefit. Software can never really be tested enough. On the job, our software needs to be unit tested, system tested, regression tested, and A/B tested often. The software testing courses taught by Dr. Vilkomir and Dr. Hills prepared me well for these tasks. Thanks to these courses, nothing was unfamiliar and I was able to perform my daily duties without hesitation from a technical standpoint.

The courses Project Management and Intro to Software Engineering taught by Dr. Tabrizi and Dr. Ding respectfully were a major contribution to my success as a software developer. Every concept and idea discussed in these courses was raised during my first year of employment.

I was fortunate enough to create an application from scratch as soon as I came to the company. The concepts from the project management courses were much needed during this experience. The course allowed me to manage my time efficiently, identify necessary recourses, create and adjust timelines and also effectively communicate the process and status to stakeholders. The software development methodologies, discussed in detail in the Intro to Software Engineering course, were utilized in order to decide which methodology would be better for my first project. With the knowledge gained from the Software Engineering program provided by East Carolina University, I was able to successfully design, develop, and deploy a fully functional application used throughout the company today.”

Oleksii Starov

“Studying Computer Science at East Carolina University, I admired a unique learning atmosphere. At ECU, learning is so much fun! You feel like a part of the close-knit team, where each professor, each staff member, and each of your peers are always ready to support and guide you. Professional teaching, creative classes, effective explanations, and entertaining material that you get here – all contribute to your success in industry, or like in my case, in pursuing a PhD! For sure, it is one of the best universities, and what is more important, it is a community that gets interesting and smart people together!”

Jakayla Alston

“Being in the East Carolina University Computer Science program has been a great experience. It has offered challenging courses, opportunities to communicate with the faculty and staff within the program, and it has introduced me to new skills that I will use throughout my future career. It is continuously molding me for success in the fast-paced field of computer science.

Computer science and other technology fields are rapidly changing and as such, ECU offers courses that are challenging to its students while keeping up with the rapid change of technology. As a third-year student, I have taken courses that require a lot of time and dedication along with planning and critical thinking. The road to becoming a computer scientist is not an easy one, but the wonderful faculty and staff at ECU are here to assist on that journey.

The ECU Computer Science department has some of the most helpful faculty members that I have ever encountered. The professors want you to ask questions and they are more than willing to help you prosper. I can recall a time where I visited a professor’s office hours at least 3 to 4 times a week in order to gain clarity on what we were studying and how to apply it our programming assignments. Meeting with my professors has given me the opportunity to get to know them and vice versa, while also extending my understanding of the topics discussed within class. It is necessary to get to know your professors in order to succeed because these relationships could make a lasting impression on your life and career.

Once my time here at ECU comes to an end, I feel that I will be extremely prepared for life after my undergraduate studies thanks to the computer science program and all of those who are involved. The ECU Computer Science program has taught me valuable skills such as critical thinking skills, time management skills, and communication skills. With all of these skills and more, I will be able to take on graduate school and my future career with confidence. As each day passes, I am one step closer to being the successful computer scientist that ECU has equipped me to be.”

Mary Frances Moore

“The Software Engineering program at ECU has been very beneficial to me as an IT professional. I currently work full time as a software tester, but I was interested in continuing my education with a concentration in Project Management. I was worried that I would not find a program that would fit my needs as a distance education student. Once I began taking courses, I immediately knew the Software Engineering program was the right fit for me. The professors strive to provide quality education to distance ed students, along with face-to-face students.

The courses I have taken in the Software Engineering program have helped me to improve my current software testing processes at work, provide new process and documentation ideas to my work team, and will continue to aid in my goal of becoming a Project Manager. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to pursue a management position in the Information Technology field.”