CSCI Graduate programs Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Students

  • Can the application fee be waived for me?
    To request a fee waiver, you must complete the application form and answer ‘Yes’ to 99% of the qualifying questions within the Application Fee & Waiver Scenarios section of the application. The application will then provide more specific directions to request the appropriate fee waiver (Application Fee).
  • Do I need to submit the official transcript to be considered for admission?
    Applicants must submit an official transcript showing an awarded bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution. International students also need to submit a course-by-course evaluation of official foreign transcripts (please see the Official Transcripts section of the Application Process page).
  • What is the minimum GRE score required to be considered for admission?
    GRE minimum requirement for regular admission is 30th percentile of averaged combined verbal and quantitative score (see the Quick guide from the Graduate School).
  • Can English proficiency test be waived for me because I have had all my education in English?
    If English is not your native language and you have not completed at least one year of education (minimum of 18 credit hours) at a United States school, you are required to take a standardized English language exam or complete the ECU Language Academy (
  • What is the possibility of getting funding through graduate assistantships? Do I need to secure an advisor?
    Our department offers research and teaching assistantships to qualified graduate students. All students admitted to the graduate programs will be considered for the research and teaching assistantship awards. You do not need to have a faculty advisor to be considered for assistantship.
  • What is the application deadline?
    The priority deadline is February 1st for Fall semester, and September 1st for Spring semester.
    Applications received by these deadlines will be given priority in funding decision. The rolling deadline is August 1st for Fall semester, and December 15th for Spring semester. Applications received by these deadlines will be considered for funding if any funds are still available.

Current Students

  • How can I withdraw from a course?
    Before withdrawing make sure that you meet the continuous enrollment requirements and/or F1 visa requirements.

    • Students can add/drop courses in PiratePort during the first week of classes.
    • To drop a class without the grade listed on transcript submit a request by 5:00 PM on the class day after 60% of the class days are completed, at the latest (Office of the Registrar). Send an email to and CC the Graduate Program Director with your full name, Banner ID, course name/number, and reason for dropping the course.
    • A graduate student withdrawing after the last day for graduate students to drop courses without grades will receive a grade of F for all university classes which the student is failing at the time.
    • Students withdrawing for extenuating circumstances must apply for an extenuating circumstances withdrawal to the Office of the
      Dean of Students
  • I need to take a leave of absence. How do I proceed?
    Please notify the graduate program director and file a readmission application prior to returning. If you take a leave of less than three years, file an application for readmission online at If you wish to change graduate degree or certificate programs after a leave of absence you must submit a new admissions application. If you take a leave of absence of three or more years you must submit a new complete application to be considered for admission. For more details, please see the university catalog.