About Technology Systems

Mission Statement

The Department of Technology Systems supports the mission of the College of Engineering and Technology and East Carolina University by creating a strong workforce for North Carolina, by preparing technologically competent graduates, and by supporting a globally competitive broad-based economy for North Carolina’s future through the application of technology in research and industry outreach.

Vision Statement

The Department of Technology Systems aspires to a global leadership role in education by developing and delivering creative and responsive degree programs and by developing leading edge applied research capabilities.

Value Statement

The Department of Technology Systems promotes high standards in all aspects of academic, research, and service activities. Our values mirror ECU’s core values and we remain committed to their implementation and maintenance.

  • Respect: We respect ourselves, others and our differences. This value is at the heart of our community.
  • Authenticity: We promote honesty and integrity and we complete the objectives that we proclaim as our own.
  • Accountability: We are committed to achieving our mission and providing a high quality education for our students in Technology Systems. We insure that our curricula are relevant and promote the skills required for students to compete globally and meet government and industry needs.
  • Teamwork: We are one university, one college, and one department. We promote collaboration between the programs in the department, college and university, and we seek to exploit our natural synergies.
  • Commitment to Service: We remain committed to serving our students, state, and region. We recognize potential, actively pursue opportunity, and seek to achieve positive transformation in our environment.

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Office Located on the 2nd floor of the Science and Technology Complex,

West End, Office Suite 200, overlooking the atrium.