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The International Academy, Research and Industry Association (IARIA) recently conferred

Dr. Venkat Gudivada

Department Chair Dr. Venkat Gudivada as an IARIA fellow. This recognition reflects Dr. Gudivada’s outstanding scientific research results that are endorsed by international peers; his exceptional scientific contribution to IARIA events; and his continuous leadership roles at IARIA conferences.

IARIA promotes scientific and industrial interchanges between members of existing associations, standardization bodies, and fora, and to establish bridges between different scientific, academic and industrial cultures. For more information, please follow this link.

Dr. Venkat Gudivada published a research monograph titled “Cognitive Computing: Theory and Applications,” Volume 35 of Handbook of Statistics. The monograph looks cognitive computing and its theory and applications. Click here for more information about the publication.

Dr. Junhua Ding

Machine Learning

Department Drs. Junhua Ding and Venkat Gudivada, and ECU Physics Professor Dr. Xin-Hua Hu recently published, “A Machine Learning Based Framework for Verification and Validation of Massive Scale Image Data,” in the IEEE Transactions on Big Data, which showcases peer-reviewed articles with big data as the main focus. Interested in the article? You can find it here.

Call for Papers

Department Drs. Junhua Ding and Venkat Gudivada will help organize a workshop at this December’s IEEE International Conference on Big Data in Boston. The workshop is titled, Data Quality Issues in Big Data and Machine Learning Applications: Going Beyond Data Cleaning and Transformations.  Interested in submitting a paper for the workshop? Click here for more information.