First Year Program

The First Year Program (FYP) in the College of Engineering and Technology is designed to help students foster their personal, academic and professional development and to provide programming that will enhance their overall college experience.


  • To provide resources for CET students in choosing the appropriate major and career path.
  • To provide programming that will help enhance students’ first year experience.
  • To provide in depth and personalized advising to CET students in choosing appropriate courses their first year at ECU.
  • To guide students through choosing alternate programs of study, as needed.


Career Plan: Through personal inventories, career assessments, skills assessments and meetings with advisors and career coaches, students will be able to personalize their career plans to reflect their chosen programs of study.

FYP Intended:  Designed for students who are working toward acceptance into a CET program, the FYP Intended helps students gain knowledge in various areas including:

  • Study Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Career Exploration
  • Exploration of Various Degree Programs (i.e. Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Management, etc.)
  • Self-Assessment

C.R.E.A.T.E Living Learning Community (LLC):  Through Collaboration, Reflection, and Exploration, students will seek their Ambition, Test the limits and Engage in all possibilities. The objectives of the LLC are to:

  • Help students learn about different careers and opportunities through thoughtful and focused programming.
  • Help students adjust to the college environment.
  • Help students be successful in the classroom and in society.

Mentor Program: The FYP will utilize mentoring software that matches mentors and mentees, schedules all mentor/mentee meetings and is used for all communication between mentor and mentee.

Once the mentor/mentee relationship is established, modules on various topics (i.e. career development, study skills, time management, professionalism, resume building, etc.) are created to help guide conversations. The modules used for mentoring can be personalized to meet the academic, personal and professional needs of the mentee.

Reaching the “Whole” Student:  Musical and theatrical performances, etiquette dinners, lectures on current social and academic topics, access to community events, and more help the student to find unique ways to get involved in the ECU and greater Greenville communities and to expand their experiences beyond the classroom.

For more information on the FYP, please contact:

Brad Collier
Assistant Director of First Year and Transition Programs