[Pirate Profile] Engineering Student Michael Johnson

Engineering student Michael Johnson (photo courtesy of Cliff Hollis)

As the latest Pirate Profile, engineering student Michael Johnson is an inspiration to others who find themselves in similar situations. You can find his must-read profile here.

Dr. Ricky Castles

We asked Dr. Ricky Castles, assistant professor of engineering, to shed more light on Johnson’s story.

“He is an inspiration for a variety of reasons.  He balances responsibilities of working fulltime, caring for a family, and going to school with a significant commute from Edgecombe County.

Michael also is the kind of ambassador the college needs because we have a lot of people who come back to school for a second degree or to get their first degree later in life. He has worked hard to get through his degree and can relate to students of a variety of ages.

Michael proves it’s never too late to use the key of education to open doors for a better future for yourself and your family.”

And, on being listed as the professor who influenced Johnson the most, Castles says, “As a faculty member, it always feels great to be recognized for inspiring students.  I think that is what all of us here work for…to impart something and hopefully make a positive impact.”