SAP Recognizes College Students

Industrial Distribution and Logistics Issues SAP University Alliance Student Recognition Award

Front Row, left to right: Jill DeFranco, Caroline Harris, Nathan Robbins, Bryan Coston, Nicholas Whedbee, Dr. Mark Angolia. Back Row, left to right: Dr. T.J. Mohammed, James Dykes, Patrick Ebbs, Michael Martinez, Zachary Kizer, Logan Modlin, Floyd O’Connell

Students from the College’s Department of Technology Systems were recognized by the SAP University Alliance (UA) for satisfactory completion of a program of study that is supported by the SAP product portfolio, which is part of the Industrial Distribution and Logistics (IDIS) degree program.

The SAP UA has more than 3,200 member institutions worldwide from more than 110 different countries. Through the SAP UA, students work in a live, fully-functional software environment that allows College faculty to teach students about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), technology-enabled integrated business processes, and strategic thinking. Through simulations, exercises, and case studies, students are able to put classroom knowledge and theory into practice.

Specifically, IDIS utilizes SAP extensively in three core courses – Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning, Transportation Logistics, and Procurement and Inventory Control – to provide students the opportunity to earn this award.  While all IDIS students may list SAP experience on their resume, only a few qualify for this recognition. Having SAP experience increases a student’s marketability during their search for job placement.

Caroline Harris

Caroline Harris, a College junior from High Point, is in the IDIS program and was one of the recognized students. Not only does she think the SAP product portfolio will help her with future class work, she believes it will position her quite nicely when looking for jobs after graduation. 

“I know that acquiring these skills will help me be more marketable for a future career opportunity,” said Harris.

Dr. Mark Angolia, assistant professor and program coordinator states, “We’ve been engaged with the SAP UA for several years and have seen the benefits for our students in mastering critical business processes.  The bonus has been a great deal of industry interest from companies recruiting at the Career Fairs.  SAP is a major industry player, and we’re excited to offer this opportunity to ECU students.”

SAP is one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise application software that provides applications and services to more than 365,000 customers across the globe.

Thirty-eight awards have been issued since the program started in 2014.