CET Students Get Certified!

Back row from left to right: Wayne Howerton, Devon Sutton, Charlie Holloman, Deven Lockhart, Matthew Klettner; front row from left to right: Punya Nanudon, Taylor Dockety, Amanda Xiong, Danielle Compean, Sarika Merchant, Christopher Bailey

Thirteen College of Engineering and Technology students recently earned their American Design Drafting Association drafter certification-architectural. Christopher Bailey, Danielle Compean, Taylor Dockety, Andrew Glover, Charlie Holloman, Wayne Howerton, Matthew Klettner, Deven Lockhart, Kevin Marks, Sarika Merchant, Punya Nanudon, Devon Sutton, and Amanda Xiong were in the college’s Architectural Design and Drafting course when they sat for the certification exam. All are pursuing the bachelor of science degree in design with a concentration in architectural technology.

The bachelor of science degree in design is administered by the College’s Department of Technology Systems and is an Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering accredited program. East Carolina University also is an ADDA-authorized testing site.

About receiving the certification, Dr. Robert Chin, professor, College of Engineering and Technology, ECU, said, “Key for the student is being able to tell potential employers that their knowledge and skills have been validated by a professional organization, ADDA as an example, that has an interest in the employability and professional development of those students.”

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