Spotlight: ICT Program’s Senior Capstone Projects

In case you missed it, the College’s information and computer technology (ICT) program’s 10th Senior Capstone Presentations demonstrated how a student’s educational foundation can turn a project from a vision to reality.

This senior-level, fall and spring course builds from each student’s previous educational experiences; knowledge gleaned over the past years is brought into play in a practical demonstration of cumulative growth and understanding within the information technology (IT) field.

Thirty students teamed together, identified their IT project, worked with their client to solidify the scope and presented their course of action. Once their plan was approved, the project was executed in the spring.

Below are two examples of senior capstone projects that were completed in the spring 2018 semester.

Englewood Baptist Church needed to upgrade its overall network bandwidth to handle future upgrades. The project team of Jonathan Giles, Andrew Hoek and Tyler Evans installed CAT6A cabling that allowed for a 10-gigabit transmission rate. The increase in available bandwidth made for a more efficient media workflow environment for the church’s graphic designers and video editors.

About their work, Dr. Michael Cloer, senior pastor of Englewood said, “The workers were professional, efficient and courteous as they upgraded and installed the many miles of ethernet cabling. This (installation) also enables us to be able to upgrade in the future as technology advances. It will allow all our staff and employees to be more productive.

We realize the cost of labor itself for such a huge project would be cost prohibited for most churches, including ours, but thanks to East Carolina University, this is now completed, and sooner than originally projected.”

Click here for video of the Englewood Baptist Church work.

Trey Huffman

Another student team provided IT upgrade support for the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf. Bria Gardner, Trey Huffman, Melanie Llanos and Torrell Tindall performed a wireless site survey, installed and configured 20 new PCs, made recommendations for cable management, and conducted port mapping.

“ECU’s motto is servire,” said Huffman, a senior in information and computer technology. “Being able to help the school with IT upgrades was a way to show that service is more than just a motto.  I learned a lot from the project.”

Since 2008, the ICT program has 347 graduates who completed 83 unique capstone projects.