College to Have Strong Presentation at BMES 2018

Daniel Pearce, left, and Marcus Moody practice their BMES presentations.

The College of Engineering and Technology (CET) will have a strong representation during the October 2018 Biomedical Engineering Society annual meeting in Atlanta. Four current and one former student will present their research to more than 4,000 leading researchers, graduate and undergraduate students and leaders in healthcare and industry.

Presenters include:

Justin Syers, BS ENG May 2018

Abstract: Toward Tuning Blast Parameters in a Blast Simulator for Improved Injury Research Capability

Mara Thompson, MS BME Candidate

Abstract: The Relationship Between Muscle Volume And Tibia Bone Stress During Running

Jules Zapanta

Jules Zapanta, MS BME Candidate

Abstract: Exploring Coupling Strength and Sensitivity to Disorder in a Coupled Cantilever Array

Marcus Moody, senior engineering student

Abstract: Pressure Evaluation of Tracheal Suction Catheters to Reduce Damage to Respiratory Airways

Daniel Pearce, senior engineering student

Abstract: Improving Clinical Diagnostic Methods for Group 1 Pulmonary Hypertension with ECHO and MRI-derived parameters

CET Drs. Stephanie George and Teresa Ryan served as advisors on the research.