CET students attend ISSA meeting in Raleigh

ISSAThe ECU chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) traveled to Raleigh on Feb. 7 for the organization’s monthly. There were 13 students who were in attendance as well as College of Engineering and Technology professor Steve Baker. The College of Engineering and Technology provided a van for students to travel to the event.

“This was a great opportunity for students to talk to members of the organization that work in the Infosec industry. Students are able to ask questions and seek advice from other members about what kind of work they do or mentor them,” said Daniel Beynon, president of the ECU ISSA chapter. “The meeting started with a back-to-basics presentation by Eric Sigman on Security Automation & Orchestration or SOAR. This presentation was completely new to most of the students and showed how you can leverage automation to help with security orchestration of networks within an organization.”

The students were then able to socialize with members of the organization.

“Then came the main presentation by Robert Wessen of NCCgroup, called ‘Notes from the Red Team,'” Beynon said. “The presentation explained what a red team was and why they were important. Robert then talked about his personal experience of 15 years of being a red team member, which was a very cool perspective. He showed four cases that he specifically worked on and what steps they took to attempt to break into companies’ networks or systems.”