My Home Classroom: Hannah Roberson

Hannah Roberson’s home classroom is the kitchen table.

Hannah Roberson is an engineering major with a biomedical concentration. She’s a member of the Honors College and secretary of ECU’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers.

“My home classroom just so happens to be my kitchen table. This is me at said kitchen table, freshly rolled out of bed, working on dynamics homework.

“A lot of us are stressed and our emails are filled to the brim with Canvas notifications, but we can get through this.

“While using an alternative course delivery method during this crazy time I’ve noticed a few things. For one, I have a lot more time to do things I enjoy, such as spending time with my family and pets, reading, and yoga. The downside of not being in the classroom and on campus is that I really miss my friends and professors. I love being at ECU and I never realized until now that I actually miss squeezing on to the buses, having to stay way too late at Joyner and doing work in the SciTech atrium between classes.

“I’m glad we have the ability to work and learn from our homes, but I sure do miss ECU. I hope you’re all staying safe and go Pirates!”

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