My Home Classroom: Eddie Okeiga

Eddie Okeiga turned his old high school study area into his home classroom.

Eddie Okeiga is a senior industrial engineering technology major from Holly Springs. He is scheduled to graduate in December. He is a member of the ECU chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.

“Here is a picture of my at-home classroom. I moved back home since I lost my internship due to COVID-19 and made a few adjustments to my study table from high school.

“The transition from in classroom to online was tough for me because I learn my best face to face. I have been doing my best to keep a daily schedule so that I don’t fall behind in schoolwork.

“I miss being on campus with my classmates and friends, but attending school online has given me the opportunity to spend extra time with my family and develop new hobbies. I am looking forward to hopefully returning on campus this fall and getting back to the normal swing of things.”

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