Seven programs in ECU's Department of Technology Systems accredited

Seven degree programs in the East Carolina University Department of Technology Systems received reaccreditation from the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

The reaccreditation includes undergraduate Bachelor of Science degrees in:

  • design, with concentrations in architectural technology and mechanical technology, with Dr. Robert Chin as program coordinator;
  • information and computer technology, with concentrations in computer networking, information technology and information security, with Dr. Phil Lunsford as program coordinator;
  • industrial engineering technology, with Dr. Merwan Mehta as program coordinator
  • industrial distribution and logistics, with Dr. Mark Angolia as program coordinator; and
  • industrial technology, with Dr. David Batts as program coordinator.

In addition, master’s degree programs received reaccreditation in:

  • Master of Science in network technology with concentrations in digital communications technology, computer networking management, information security and web technologies, with Dr. Te-Sun Chou as program coordinator; and
  • Master of Science in technology management with focus areas in industrial distribution and logistics, manufacturing systems and quality systems, with Dr. Kanchan Das as program coordinator.

All programs are accredited through 2025 when the department will seek reaffirmation of accreditation.

East Carolina University student Reuben Unicruz operates the RV6 Mitsubishi Robot as instructor Bill McClung looks on earlier this year.

“The bottom line is that somebody other than us confirmed that we did what we claimed to be doing, ” said Dr. Tijjani (TJ) Mohammed, associate professor and chair of the department. “Employers are increasingly asking whether or not students are graduating from accredited programs, and I am glad to stay that our students indeed are.”

The accreditation process included a self-study prepared by ECU and submitted to ATMAE as well as an on-site visit from an ATMAE accreditation team. The purpose of the team’s visit was to confirm information in ECU’s self-study, interview administrators, faculty, staff, students and industrial advisory board members, and tour classrooms and laboratories.

Department representatives later appeared before the ATMAE Board of Accreditation to answer questions and to share comments about the visiting team’s findings before the board rendered its decision.

Batts served as the department’s accreditation lead faculty and site visit coordinator.

“All the accolades for this reaccreditation go to the faculty and staff,” Mohammed said. “The faculty are the ones who teach the classes, they are the ones who assess the instruction, and they are the ones who interact with employers and help place our students in jobs. In addition, we credit the staff that supports the faculty. The office staff is fantastic in supporting the faculty so they can do their jobs. We have fantastic advisors, IT support staff and lab support staff. Our staff and faculty is as good as it gets. We have been truly blessed.”

ATMAE, founded in 1967, is a professional association of more than 1,000 members who share technology, management and applied engineering ideas, research, and applications. Members include college and university educators, administrators, students and industry professionals who are dedicated to solving complex technological problems and developing the technologist and engineering workforce.

This is the sixth consecutive time ECU Department of Technology Systems programs have had accreditation reaffirmed by ATMAE. Initial accreditation of the technology programs occurred in 1985.