College's advising staff moves into new suite in Bate

The new Student Success Center advising office for the ECU College of Engineering and Technology is now open after relocating to a suite on the second floor of the Bate Building.

The staff used to be on the bottom floor of the Rawl Annex but is now in suite 2324 of Bate near the elevators.

Max Rohrman, right, administrative support associate, and academic advisor Allison Winters unpack items in the center’s new office.

“It’s a nice environment for students to meet with their advisors and to get the assistance that they need,” said David Bucci, academic advisor and director of the center. “It’s a very obvious central location. In the Rawl Annex, we would have students who would wander through Rawl and not realize there was an annex, so they couldn’t find us. Bate is a little more of an obvious place.”

The move started Monday with furniture, chairs, computers, filing cabinets and other office items making the short trek from one office to another. During the move, staff either worked from home or in other offices on campus.

“While we were moving, we maintained full operations of the office so our students didn’t feel any difference than if we were in the Rawl Annex,” Bucci said. “That’s been the most important part.”

On Thursday, advisors and staff were completing the move, unpacking office supplies and setting up their offices. They also welcomed in their first students for appointments.

The college’s technology staff played an important role in keeping the office operational during the move as well as setting up the new suite.

Dr. Harry Ploehn, dean of the college, said the university’s allocation of the space as well as a $180,000 investment in design and renovation costs point to the college’s commitment to student engagement and success.

“Having the best possible home for SSC advising, and the SSC in general, should send a strong message to students and families that we are serious about our student-focused mission, which will help with recruiting and enrollment in the future,” he said.

He said the new offices support both in-person and online advising appointments, providing telework options and adding increased productivity for advisors.

“This is a win-win not only for the students, but for the work-life balance of our SSC advising staff,” Ploehn said. “We are serious about minimizing barriers to student engagement and taking advantage of new opportunities to support our excellent staff.”

Though the new office is open, it’s not quite a finished product. Bucci said new signage and visibility efforts were in the works.

“We’re just getting things straight, as is the chaos of any move, but it’s pretty nice,” he said.

The Student Success Center is designed to help students achieve maximum success not only during their time at ECU, but after they graduate. Along with advising, the center offers way for students to get involved in the college through Living Learning Communities, the First Year Program or student organizations, participate in a mentor program with fellow students and plan for a career through the college’s Career Development and Leadership Center.

Brad Collier, academic advisor and assistant director of first-year and transition programs, unpacks a box in his new office.