ECU students flock to career fair to find their futures

Tyneasha Hazard didn’t need to attend Wednesday’s Science, Engineering and Technology Job Fair. After all, the East Carolina University senior will graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in information and computer technology and has already accepted a job with PepsiCo in Plano, Texas.

Tyneasha Hazard, an information and computer technology senior at East Carolina University, speaks to representatives of Thermo Fisher.

Still, Hazard met with some of the more than 140 employers who filled the Greenville Convention Center on Wednesday.

“We never miss a career fair,” she said.

Even though she has a job waiting for her, Hazard said she attended because she wanted to network with other companies and learn more about the industry she’ll enter once she graduates.

She came from Providence, Rhode Island, to attend ECU for the information and computer technology program, now called information and cybersecurity.

“The hands-on experience is what drew me here, and that they’re a Center of Excellence from the NSA (National Security Agency) in cybersecurity,” Hazard said of ECU.

Opposite of Hazard, Andrew Rosewall is a freshman.

“I just love talking to all the companies and seeing all the opportunities there are for internships that can lead to a successful career,” Rosewall said. “I just love talking to people and seeing what is out there.”

The construction management major said he updated his resume and work experience, and made sure to dress professionally in preparation for the job fair.

“I also talked to some people who already went through construction internships to get an idea of what companies are looking for,” he said.

Rosewall said the opportunities a construction management degree offers drew him to ECU.

“My family is all involved in construction, and I want to continue that and hopefully one day own my own business that will stay around for a while,” said Rosewall, whose focus is on residential construction.

Senior design student Carmen Trembley visited with Neyer, a national commercial real estate development company.

“I liked what they had to offer as far as their internships, and I like that they had multiple locations so there is room for expansion if I want to try them out,” Trembley said.

She planned to visit as many as 10 companies during the job fair.

“I just want to get a broad spectrum of what different companies have to offer,” she said.

Representatives from Fleet Readiness Center East speak to students.

Trembley is eyeing a career in architectural design or perhaps project management when she graduates in December but knows the process starts at the career fair.

“I’m hoping to get my foot in the door with a reputable company for an internship this summer so I can get a little bit of experience before I graduate,” she said.

Three ECU alumni welcomed students at the Fleet Readiness Center East (FRC East) booth. The aircraft repair and maintenance depot at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point is seeking mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineers who are good problem-solvers.

“We hire a lot of ECU graduates,” said Grady Brown, who does reliability centered maintenance on H-53 helicopters. “I’m thinking we probably have over 100.”

Brown said students need to come to career fairs prepared and in professional attire.

“You should look professional because it gives us a good impression of you,” he said. “Know a little bit about the company. It shows that you’re actually interested, and that’s a big thing for us in particular.”

And one thing students should have when working at FRC East is flexibility.

“It’s something new and different and exciting every day,” said John Hinson, a support equipment engineer for the V-22 Osprey.

“And you never know how the Marines are going to break something,” added Trey Rowell, a communications and navigation support engineer for unmanned aircraft systems.

Students who missed the career fair or need more information can visit the College of Engineering and Technology Career Development and Leadership Center in Room 239 of the Science and Technology Building or go online to the center’s website.

Freshman construction management student Andrew Rosewall speaks to a represenative from the Fred Smith Company.