Engineering Students

Engineering Students will contact their advisor directly in the engineering department in Slay Hall for appointment/meeting information.
Phone – 252-328-

Not all majors have checksheets and students are supposed to update their Degree Works plans prior to an appointment, not their checksheet.


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Students in the Engineering program will meet at 212 in Slay Hall..

Students in engineering will contact their advisor directly in the engineering department. They will meet with their advisor in their advisor’s office in Slay (not 212)

  • Declared students for engineering? Not labeling may create confusion with ENGR-Int.


Center Staff

Kaitlyn Reynolds
CMGT Advisor

Courtney Case

Allison Winters
BSIT (ICT & HIT concentrations)
Sci-Tech C115 Rawl Annex 5A

Anna L. Logemann
ICT & IDIS (on-campus & online) Advisor
Rawl Annex 1A 2

Some advisors have office locations listed and some do not.



How do I register for courses?
While you will need your registration pin from your academic advisor, you can view a valuable tutorial. Although this link brings you to the Online DE tutorials page, it is applicable to ALL students. This link will also provide additional information about Onestop, Banner, Blackboard and Piratemail.

There is no link attached to the word here.

What GPA do I need to graduate?

A minimum of 2.0 gpa overall, and in your major.

If I get a D in a Major class, does it count toward my major?

It depends on a major. For example, a grade of “C” is required for major classes in some majors, but not others. Check with your academic advisor if you have questions.

Grade Replacements: What do they mean, and should I do them?

Retake the class if you can significantly improve the grade. If you are replacing a “D” it will not add any hours, which may affect financial aid and progress toward graduation.

Grade replacements can be taken at the 3000 & 4000 level

Are there any “minimum” grades I should get?

Foreign Language 1002; you MUST get a C (minimum) to survive 1003, B is better. You walk into 1003, and the teacher is no longer speaking English. Period.

None of our programs require Foreign Language.

Do I have to take MATH 1065?

For the College of Engineering and Technology, MATH 1065 is required.

Can FC (general education) requirements in any category be met by taking courses all from the same department?

Natural Sciences (SC) requirements may be taken from one department (not true for all majors); or Humanities & Fine Arts (H/FA) you need to have at least 1 hour from the humanities (philosophy, literature, etc.), and at least one hour from the Fine Arts (music, art, theatre, etc.); for Social Sciences (SO),you need to have your 9 hours from at least three two different fields (anthropology, economics, geography, history, etc.).

We do not call it FC anymore. It is the general education.

Does my military service count toward any general education requirements?

Yes; your DD-214 will place you out of both HLTH 1000 & EXSS 1000. It is not called EXSS 1000. It is KINE 1000. They take it to Student Veteran Services. It also gets them priority registration.

What do I have to do to graduate?

First, you must complete all the requirements to graduate in your program; while you are working on that, complete a senior summary, do an exit survey, and apply to graduate.

There is no such thing as a Senior Summary anymore. Their Degree Works worksheet is reviewed for completion by the Registrar. Not all programs may have an exit survey.


Transfer Students

Advisor/Counselor Portal

The college Crosswalks, Equivalencies by Major PDFs are ALL out of date and different than the updated versions on the Registrar’s website.

Active Duty and Veteran Transfers

Students who have satisfactorily completed basic military training may receive credit for the upon submitting a DD-214, DD-295 or NOBE.

  • For HLTH 1000 and KINE 1000
  • To Student Veteran Services

Current Students

Major Information

How to Declare
When can I declare my major? This depends on them major for which you are seeking entrance..

The Computer Science department (including both Software Engineering & Computer Science majors) requires XXXXX.

  • On CSCI DEPT page* SENG requirements are old
  • On CSCI DEPT page* CSCI lists no additional admission requirements

Although you may take IET, ICT, IDIS or Design courses without being declared, it is highly recommended that you declare as soon as you have a 2.0 GPA. This ensures that you are on the correct track to graduate.

The Construction Management department requires a  cumulative GPA and eligibility for MATH 1065 to declare for the major. This means that until you are officially declared as a CMGT major, then you will be unable to take any CMGT courses except CMGT 2200 which is open to all majors. If you are selecting a Construction Management minor, contact your primary advisor for assistance.

Engineering must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and have completed the equivalent of Math 2171 (Calculus 1) with a C or higher, ENGL 1100 and 2201, and CHEM 1150/1151 to apply for admission to the engineering major.

Advisor Note: If you meet the declaration requirements and wish to change your major to any of the programs offered within the College of Engineering and Technology, please set up an appointment to meet with an advisor at 2 Rawl Annex or by calling (252) 328-9301. If you do not meet the declaration requirements, please consult with your current advisor.

Online Programs

East Carolina University offers online distance education degree programs that allow students to access their coursework 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via the internet. At ECU, online courses are taught by the same faculty as our campus classes, and the readings, assignments, and exams mirror on-campus courses. These programs include structured, well-designed courses and special instructional techniques to help you succeed as an online student.

The distance education undergraduate degree programs at ECU are online degree completion programs. Students complete the first two years of college courses typically at a community college in their area. Within the College of Engineering & Technology, the two available online programs are: Industrial Distribution & Logistics, and Industrial Technology (certain concentrations only. All other programs are campus programs.

Current Students

Registration Information

Preparing to Register

  • Prior to registration and in consultation with a student’s academic advisor, each undergraduate student develops a schedule containing no more than 18 hours of primary courses and a list of alternate courses. (each summer session cannot exceed seven hours of courses).
  • We don’t all use registration forms, and they aren’t signed.
  • All special permissions (e.g., extra hours, majors only courses, Dean/Chairperson’s permissions, etc.) for course registration must be secured in writing and may only be entered by the Office of the Registrar or the Academic Department.
  • Students register themselves using Self-Service Banner at their assigned time each semester.

Registration Pin Number

  • Each semester students receive a registration pin number from their advisor to register for classes on Banner.
  • We don’t all use registration forms.
  • Graduates and non-degree students do not require a registration pin number to register, but may need to contact their advisor / academic department for registration.

Dropping Withdrawing From a Course After Schedule Change Period

During the first 60% of the regularly scheduled class meetings of a course (including the meeting for the final examination), a student may, at his or her own option, withdraw from the course. The student emails their advisor to request a withdrawal.

Students may petition the Student Academic Appellate Committee through the Center for Academic Services for withdrawals by exception (withdrawals after the 50  60 percent drop period, withdrawals beyond student’s allotted number,). Poor performance in course work, missed deadlines, change of major, or a course grade’s adverse effect on the student’s grade point average, probationary standing, or other eligibility is not in itself a sufficient basis for exception. Requests for exceptions will not be considered after the last regularly scheduled class meeting prior to the final examination for the course(s) in question except where earlier requests could not have been expected. Petitions for withdrawals by exception will typically be granted only for medical or counseling reasons related to the course(s) to be dropped and will be considered by Student Health Services or the Center for Counseling and Student Development upon receipt of appropriate documentation.

Students may withdraw from up to 16 credit hours during their undergraduate degree