Engineering Learning Community

Engineering Learning Community

The focus and mission of the Engineering Learning Community (ELC) is to bring together Engineering students in a residential environment that provides encouragement and support which leads to success in pursuit of an Engineering degree.

The ELC provides students with the opportunity to grow academically, professionally, and personally in their quest to become an engineer. The ELC is located in Umstead Hall, centrally located near several classroom buildings, Joyner Library, Engineering faculty and advisors, dining facilities, the Pirate Tutoring Center, and Mendenhall Student Center.

Students living in the ELC appreciate the convenience of living near it all! Students accepted for admission to East Carolina University are not automatically accepted into the Engineering program. Students wishing to pursue the Engineering major must submit a supplemental application to the Department of Engineering to be considered for acceptance into the major.

Incoming students that have applied and been accepted into the Engineering program will have an Engineering Learning Community application sent to them in their acceptance packet from the Department of Engineering.

The ELC is exclusive to Engineering majors only and space is limited.

The ELC will create an environment that invites opportunities for formal and informal interactions between faculty, staff and students. It will provide opportunities and paraprofessional staff who support and enhance the residential living experience. The ELC will plan and implement programs and activities that integrate the in-class and out-of-class experience of Engineering majors.

Opportunities offered include:

  • Student-led tutoring
  • Leadership and teamwork exercises
  • Informal faculty/student get-togethers
  • Block-scheduled classes with other Engineering students

For additional information, contact Deborah Poage.