Transfer Program

Growth in the engineering workforce is a critical factor for North Carolina economic development and national global competitiveness. The Department of Engineering at East Carolina University is committed to providing access to an engineering career for students from the community college system, our university partners in the UNC system, and other regional colleges and universities. To find out more about the transfer program, visit the NC Engineering Pathways Page.

It needs to be emphasized that the minimum requirements of the North Carolina Community College System Associate in Engineering degree do not fulfill all of the requirements of the ECU Foundations Curriculum. Additional semester hours of Foundations Curriculum credits may be required beyond the AE degree requirements. Your academic advisor can help you with foundation requirements.

To apply for our engineering program at ECU, visit the Engineering Application Page.

Transfer Student Admission Requirements:

Transfer students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and completed the equivalent of Math 2171 (Calculus 1) with a C or higher, ENGL 1100 and 2201, and CHEM 1150/1151. Students who enter with an associate’s degree in engineering will be given preference.

Transfer Pathways for Engineering Concentrations: