Dr. Sunghan Kim

Associate Professor
Adjunct Faculty,
Department of Pediatrics
Office: Slay 238
Phone: (252) 737-1750
E-mail: kims@ecu.edu

Teaching Interests

Dr. Kim is interested in teaching biomedical signal and image processing, biomedical instrumentation, and signals & systems. The major topics that are discussed in his courses include system identification, filter design, various transform techniques, instrumentation amplifier circuits, various medical imaging modalities, pattern recognition, and machine learning.

In order to enhance students’ learning experience, he emphasizes hands-on experience and has developed various projects for his courses. In one of his courses, for example, students need to design electrocardiogram (EKG) and seismogram circuits, which are used to estimate blood pressure noninvasively.

He is also interested in teaching more advanced filtering techniques such as Kalman filter and particle filters.

Research Interests

Dr. Kim’s research focus is to extract clinically useful information from various biomedical data for the betterment of modern medicine by applying advanced signal processing and data mining techniques.

He is actively working with clinical collaborators from BSOM Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of Pediatrics, and Vidant Rehabilitation Center. One of his current research projects is to study cognitive function changes in adolescent diabetes via event-related potentials. In this study, the effect of adolescent diabetes on the central nerve system is investigated by analyzing visually invoked event-related potentials.

Also, in collaboration with Vidant Rehabilitation Center, he is testing a brain-computer interface system on locked-in syndrome subjects, whose brain activity is analyzed for automatic spelling. He is always open to new research opportunities and welcomes anybody to contact him at kims@ecu.edu.

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