Dr. Harry J. Ploehn

Dr. Harry Ploehn

Dean and Professor
Science and Technology Suite 100
Phone: 252-328-9604
E-mail: ploehnh17@ecu.edu

Personal Website: https://hjploehn.wordpress.com/

Research Interests

Professor Harry Ploehn continues to pursue research in the general area of colloidal and polymeric materials, nanotechnology, and interfacial engineering, with particular emphasis on the synthesis and characterization of polymer nanocomposites. In collaboration with Dr. Hanno zur Loye (Chemistry), the team continues to explore new ideas for creating polymer nanocomposites for use as capacitors for pulse power and power conditioning applications such as electric vehicles and future electric grid infrastructure.  Work with Dr. Chuanbing Tang (Chemistry) focuses on synthesis and characterization of block copolymer dielectric materials.  Work with Dr. Brian Benicewicz (Chemistry) aims to characterize and understand the structure and mechanical properties of polybenzimidazole, a promising high-temperature polymer for fuel cell membranes.

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